Portable Power Analyzers

The XT3561 is a 3-phase testing and analyzing device for power quality applications. It provides multiple modes for analyzing harmonics/voltage/current/frequency, 3-phase unbalance, power and energy, data recording, swells/dips, flicker, surge and more.

XT3561 Power Quality Analyzer


Typical Applications

  • Trouble-shooting: fast measurement and display for trouble-shooting
  • Predictive maintenance: test to avoid power quality problems before malfunctions occur
  • Service function: measure for power quality before use
  • Long-term analysis: recording function to help find out hidden and intermittent malfunctions
  • Load analysis: check quality of electric systems before adding loads
  • Energy evaluation: evaluate energy consumption before installation of energy-saving facilities
  • Portable design and color touch screen
  • High-performance Li-ion battery for long operating times
  • Test 3-phase volt, null line volt, 3-phase current, null line current, etc.
  • Up to 50th harmonic testing with frequency spectrum graph
  • Power testing: 3-phase apparent power, active power, reactive power, power factor, and 3-phase electric power
  • 3-phase unbalance testing with color charts
  • Record at least 40 instances of surge current
  • Testing for wave motion, short-duration flicker and longduration flicker
  • Record up to 40 instances of sag and swell
  • Long-term records of basic (stable) power quality parameters. Recording time interval adjustable between 3 second and 30 minutes.
  • Digital oscilloscope functions allow checking waveforms for voltage and current signal quality

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