Portable Calibration Instrumentation

Vitrek’s XiTRON family of portable calibrators is field proven. These rugged designs are built for reliability from the ground up. The devices push the envelope for DC calibration, temperature simulation and measurement accuracy. Both models are available with battery-powered options.

Model 2000MN, 2000IN


The 2000 Family of calibrators provide unparalleled performance and flexibility in a portable, battery-powered instrument.

  • Fully bi-polar DC voltage and current capability; 22V, 10 ppm accuracy, 22mA, 40 ppm accuracy.
  • Temperature simulation with 0.01° resolution, 0.03° – 0.06° accuracy.
  • Temperature measurement with 0.1° – 0.2° accuracy.
  • Auto cold junction compensation. Battery/line operation.

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