Phase Angle Voltmeters

Using the most advanced digital signal processing technology, Vitrek's 6000 family delivers true accuracy and versatility at the touch of a button. Phase Angle Voltmeters provide direct readouts of phase insensitive, phase sensitive and harmonic data.  Automatically calculates and displays results. Self-calibration and testing capability ensures the most accurate results possible.


Model 6250


The 6250 comes pre-configured for most LVDT/RVDT tests, and is ready to go – right out of the box. The instrument requires less set-up and maintenance than competing products. And, because of its simplicity of operation, the 6250 can be used by virtually anyone who wants access to results more quickly and more reliably.

  • Wide Bandwidth (0.1Hz to 100 kHz).
  • 0.05% basic amplitude accuracy and 0.05° phase accuracy
  • 0.01% + (0.03% divided by measurement period) frequency measurement accuracy
  • Front panel configuration lockout for dedicated production and QC test applications
  • Can be configured to emulate analog PAVs

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Model 6000


The 6000 Series PAVs use the latest DSP technology to deliver true accuracy, versatility and portability without the cost and reliability burdens of older technologies.

  • Wide Bandwidth (0.1Hz to 100kHz).
  • 0.05 % Basic Amplitude Accuracy.
  • 0.05° Phase Accuracy.

Product Data Sheet Additional Downloads & Documentation