Special University Program


Do your power analyzers measure up? Now is the time to upgrade to Vitrek Products

Vitrek power analysis instruments are used in university and research laboratories around the world. We understand the unique needs and requirements of the education/research arena, including ever-tighter budget constraints in the face of increasing workloads.


Graduate to Vitrek Testing

That is why we have introduced our special UNIVERSITY PROGRAM. It is designed to ease the burden of upgrading your equipment by increasing your purchasing power. The bottom line is reduced prices on Vitrek equipment to all qualified university, college and research laboratories.

Our premier instruments are not only among the highest performing analyzers on the market today, but also the most economical when you purchase through our University Discount Program. Their ease of use and robustness make them ideal for inexperienced users. Make Vitrek your academic resource for innovative, research and development and power test equipment.

Learn more about XiTRON's University Discount by contacting info@vitrek.com or 858-689-2755 to talk with a technical advisor about our full line of power testing instruments for your lab.